Extra Wide Shelf


Product Description

Durable 30” length and 36” width wire shelving is reinforced for extra-strength with three trusses  design which enables shelf heavy capacity load. Functional wire shelf design enables free air circulation, which helping to minimize dust accumulation. Wire shelf also offers convenient access from all sides. These wire shelves easily adjusted and repositioned on 1” (25mm) increments that cater to your needs.    
Width x Length (In.)  Cat. No. Chrome  Cat. No. Poly Brite Cat. No. Poly Green Cat. No. S/Steel
30 x 36 S3036C S3036EZ S3036GZ S3036SS
30 x 48 S3048C S3048EZ S3048GZ S3048SS
30 x 60 S3060C S3060EZ S3060GZ S3060SS
30 x 72 S3072C S3072EZ S3072GZ S3072SS
36 x 36 S3636C S3636EZ S3636GZ S3636SS
36 x 48 S3648C S3648EZ S3648GZ S3648SS
36 x 60 S3660C S3660EZ S3660GZ S3660SS
36 x 72 S3672C S3672EZ S3672GZ S3672SS
Starter Unit of Wide Wire Shelf Unit: consists of 4 posts (60” / 1500mm) and 3wide shelves in the height and shelf size indicated.
3 SHELVES – 60″H
Width x Length (In.) Cat. No. Chrome Cat. No. Poly Brite Cat. No. Poly Green Cat. No. S/Steel
30 x 36 3036C6 3036EZ6 3063GZ6 3036SS6
30 x 48 3048C6 3048EZ6 3048GZ6 3048SS6
30 x 60 3060C6 3060EZ6 3060GZ6 3060SS6
30 x 72 3072C6 3072EZ6 3072GZ6 3072SS6
36 x 36 3636C6 3636EZ6 3636GZ6 3636SS6
36 x 48 3648C6 3648EZ6 3648GZ6 3648SS6
36 x 60 3660C6 3660EZ6 3660GZ6 3660SS6
36 x 72 3672C6 3672EZ6 3672GZ6 3672SS6