Heavy Duty Shelf

MAXEL Heavy Duty Shelf  is ideal for high density storage. Weight capacity of 500-700 kilograms per unit shelf is depending upon size. To maximize versatility, you may adjust and reposition on 1” (25mm) increments.

Open design minimizes moisture and dust accumulation; allow free air circulation.

Width x Length
Cat No
Cat No~
Poly Brite
24 x 30 2430EH2430EZH
24 x 36 2436EH2436EZH
24 x 48 2448EH2448EZH
24 x 60 2460EH2460EZH


Starter Units: consists of four (4) posts and four (4) shelves in the height and shelf size indicated.

Weight x Length x Height (In)Cat No.
Poly Brite
24 x 30 x 60DS2430EZ46
24 x 36 x 60DS2436EZ46
24 x 48 x 60DS2448EZ46
24 x 60 x 60DS2460EZ46
24 x 30 x 70DS2430EZ47
24 x 36 x 70DS2436EZ47
24 x 48 x 70DS2448EZ47
24 x 60 x 70DS2460EZ47