Solid Shelf


Product Description

Width x Length
Cat. No.
Stainless Steel
14 x 241424FS
14 x 301430FS
14 x 361436FS
14 x 481448FS
14 x 601460FS
18 x 241824FS
18 x 301830FS
18 x 361836FS
18 x 481848FS
18 x 601860FS
21 x 242124FS
21 x 302130FS
21 x 362136FS
21 x 482148FS
21 x 602160FS
24 x 242424FS
24 x 302430FS
24 x 362436FS
24 x 482448FS
24 x 602460FS


Rugged 1″diameter steel post is grooved and hence the shelves adjust on 1″ increments. Plastic or aluminum shelf clips snap on the posts, allowing shelf collar to slide over for a secure fit. Floor leveling bolt included is used to compensate for uneven surfaces. 

Cat. No.
Stainless Steel