Maxel Shelving System

Select a right and prefect shelving system will improve productivity and efficiency of the operation.
Understanding and considering the following factors makes it much easier to choose a perfect combination of shelving system.

The physical of stores ~ You need to understand the dimensions and quantities of the stocks you wish to store. The shelving system you choose must fit the storage to ensure the storage area neater and the products easier to locate.

The capacity of shelving system ~ The heavier stores, then the higher density and stronger shelving systems you need.

The environment of storage area ~ Freezer and coolers storage area require rust and corrosion prevention. Eco Chrome and Chrome series are only suitable for dry storage.

Available space and configuration ~ You need to take an accurate measurement of the space and configuration of storage area. Wall system could help to maximize floor storage area.

The accessibility and visibility of storage ~ The design of shelving system could affect the visibility and accessibility of storage. The right shelving system not only make the stock check list clearer but also make loading and unloading easier and faster.

Maxel provide various design and size of wire shelf to valued customers.

Maxel offers Stainless Steel and also Chrome series of trolley..

We offer various size of stainless steel shelves to our valued customers.

Maxel offers heavy duty dunnage shelving units.

Maxel provides some specialty shelving unit such as slanted shelf, cantilever shelf and also reel shelf

Maxel offers wine rack which include Slanted Wine Shelf, Cardle Wine Shelf and Bulk Storage Wine Storage.

Maxel offers Post type and Direct wall mount system to our valued customers

We not only provide wall mount shelving system, but also wall storage systems to our valued customers

Maxel offers Multi-Functions Storage Systems which include laundry cart, security storage cart and others

Maxel offers Poly Brite, Poly Green and Stainless Steel wire frame with plastic mat.